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How do you see Cork's future?

Cork City Council published its Draft City Development Plan in April 2014. Submissions and observations were then invited from interested parties. These have been considered by the Elected Members and amendments to the Draft Plan are now proposed and are on public display. See below for details of the Amendments.

Draft Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021 main documents


 Proposed Amendments


Where are we now?

The Elected Members of Cork City Council passed resolutions at their meeting of 24th November 2014 to make a number of proposed amendments to the Draft Plan available for public consultation. The proposed amendments have been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Directive Screening.  The amendments and the accompanying  Addendum to the Environmental Reports are on public display from the 15th December 2014 to the 21st January 2015 and submissions and observations are now invited. All submissions received during this period will be taken into consideration prior to the making of the new City Development Plan.

The deadline for receipt of all submissions is 4pm on Wednesday 21st January 2015. Submissions can be made directly from the online submission facility or by post to Patrick Ledwidge, Director of Services, Strategic Planning and Economic Development, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork. Submissions or observations should quote the relevant paragraph/amendment number referred to in the amendment document(s) and must state the name and address of the person or body making the submission or observation.

Make A Submission

Click the button below to make an online submission, or click here to learn how to make a submission by post.

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"The vision for Cork City over the period of this Development Plan and beyond is to be a successful, sustainable regional capital and to achieve a high quality of life for its citizens and a robust local economy..."

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